A Year In Travel: 2011

A look at the places I visited in 2011:

Seattle, Washington- March

A professional development conference for art educators brought me to Seattle, accompanied by two fellow art teaching friends. Aside from the conference itself, we wandered around downtown, ate too many bagels, took pictures of hipsters, drank too much coffee and went to the Seattle Art Museum.

Seattle by lstravels14


Seabrook Island, South Carolina- June

An annual tradition, Seabrook is a beach in South Carolina that has yet to be consumed by commercialism.  Spanish moss hangs wildly from the trees and there is not a hotel in sight, only guesthouses and apartments. The wildlife is amazing: wild dolphins on the beach feeding in the early morning , deer on the boardwalk, alligators in the marshes… this place is a natural paradise.

  seabrook island 2010 007 by misspeanut_2001


Cambridge, Ontario- June

A long overdue visit to my hometown in Canada and a striking realization. The rose-coloured glasses you wear throughout your childhood makes things appear much more utopian than they actually are.



Montreal, Quebec- July

A family trip brought me to the most fashionable, most bilingual Canadian city. It was sweltering and I spent most of my time indoors. The highlights: wandering the streets of old Montreal, eating too much poutine (not recommended in 95 degree heat) and getting soaked in a downpour one evening. This city deserves more and I intend to return during more reasonable weather.

Canada Summer 2011 022


 Quebec City, Quebec- July

From Montreal we continued north by train to Quebec City. With the St.Lawrence river as a backdrop, the narrow streets and outdoor cafes give off a fantastic European feel. I can’t wait to go back for the Winter Carnival.

Canada Summer 2011 206


Bell Island, Newfoundland- July

A tiny island that plays a huge role in my family history. A pleasant ferry ride, accompanied by gorgeous cliff side views makes up for the lack of cultural atmosphere.

 Canada Summer 2011 348

St.John’s, Newfoundland, July

An earthy city covered in rain, drizzle and fog the majority of the time. What do you expect for being out in the middle of the north atlantic? Luckily, the insanely friendly people, beautiful scenery and natural beauty makes up for the crappy weather.

Canada Summer 2011 939

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