The Post-Trip Blues

I’ve been back from my summer trip to Eastern Europe for almost three weeks. Much of that three weeks has been spent at home, going through the 7000 photos that I took. I want to start writing and sharing the stories I have on this blog but I have no motivation at all.

I think I might be feeling a little depressed.

Aside from seeing my family and some friends, I’m really not that happy to be back in Charlotte. It’s hot and humid outside and everything seems dull in comparison to the adventure-filled six weeks I just had. I also can’t help but think that I should have stayed in Europe longer. (I came back a little early because I thought I would have more to do before the school year started, but the truth is I haven’t had any desire to go into work and start setting up my classrooms until teacher workdays officially start.)

I really miss Hungary. I miss the language I struggled to learn, the sunflower fields, the sour cherry soup…

And I keep thinking things like, We should have went to Bosnia and  Montenegro – we were so close.

Why am I so full of regrets? I got to spend 6 amazing weeks in Eastern Europe. Most of the people I know spent the whole summer working, maybe getting to the beach once or twice.

Have you ever experienced the post-trip blues? How did you get over it?

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