Scenes From Around Salzburg

Sometimes, books and movies inspire me to travel.

Just like I visited Romania because of the novel, Dracula, my visit to Salzburg was largely influenced by the Sound of Music. I did not take a tour or anything crazy like that, but it was in the back of mind.

Interestingly enough, Salzburg is so much more than the setting of a famous pre-WW2 musical. It is a dynamic and busy city full of museums, mountain hiking, quiet streets, and delicious food.

Here is a random selection of things I saw in and around Salzburg.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1137

The house Mozart was born in. Salzburg’s buildings are all very neutral in color so I especially loved the way the yellow popped out from the crowd of grey.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1710

A view of the city from the famous Mozart Bridge that spans the Salzach River.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1787

One of the many staircases we climbed. There are so many ways to get amazing views of Salzburg and climbing up and down stairs in narrow alleys is all part of the fun!

EasternEurope 2012 2 1972

A decadent pretzel stand we found in Salzburg’s old town. Luke and I tried a “donut” pretzel but I’m wishing I would have tried the apple flavoured one.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1766

Green domes of a cathedral seen from Nonnberg Abbey.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1649

The intricate, sculptural, and colorful ceiling inside one of the trick fountains of nearby Hellbrun Palace. If you decide to visit, be prepared to get wet.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1463

Hiking up and down the peaks of Untersberg in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The wind was fierce but the views were well worth it.

EasternEurope 2012 2 1160

Pretty Mirabelle gardens with a view of the Salzburger Dom Cathedral and Hohensalzburg castle.

What do you think? Have you ever been to Salzburg? Would you like to visit someday?

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