My Five Year Travel Goals

I’ve tried to make a bucket list. It seems like a great idea. How could writing out a list of all your travel goals not be?

But every time I sit down to do it I suddenly become really overwhelmed.

People change, situations change, and crafting out a neat little list for my entire life just seems counter-productive at the moment.

So I’m letting go of the bucket list idea and making some five-year goals for myself instead. In five years time, I am going to make the following dreams a reality.

Explore the Great North of Canada

Churchill Manitoba, The Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory- I want to see it all. Barren tundra, aurora borealis, polar bears, just the Arctic in general seems like a very untouched place and I would love to see it.

Canadian Tundra

Visit all the Former Yugoslavia Countries

I have been interested in this region of the world forever, but my first trip to Serbia in 2008 to visit family and family friends changed everything. I want to take an extended trip to visit and explore the countries of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia.

EasternEurope 2012 2 2743

The lovely city of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Take a Weaving Class Abroad

Ever since my first weaving class in college, I have wanted to learn more about this worldly and ancient craft. I blame it on my professor who was an old hippie and learned to weave in Egypt in the 1960′s. She inspired me not only to love weaving, but to learn more about it on a global level.


Weaving in Lospalos, East Timor

Live in Budapest and learn Hungarian

Budapest is my favorite city, and every time I visit I feel like I’m home. I want to spend a few months living in Budapest, exploring other places in Hungary, and learning the unique Hungarian language.

Eastern Europe2012 2681

Budapest Parliament

Travel to East Africa 

Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar have always sparked my imagination and wanderlust. I want to visit this part of the world to climb a mountain, ride old trains, go on safaris, volunteer, and camp under the stars.


Elephants in Kenya

Take a Southwest United States Road Trip

In high school I took a trip to New Mexico and Arizona, and ever since I have wanted to take an independent road trip through the American Southwest. I want to visit Santa Fe, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, the Grand Canyon and just admire the beauty that is the desert.


Arizona Landscape

Ride the Trans Siberian Railway

From St.Petersburg to Vladivostok (or vice-versa), I want to take this amazing train journey through the vastness of Russia. Preferably in the winter, when the world becomes a white, albeit freezing wonderland.


Russia in Winter


What do you think? What are your travel goals for the next few years?

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