A Soggy Afternoon in Krakow’s Market Square

Normally I prefer the side streets of a city. Narrow alleyways, small parks, and quite, less frequented streets are usually my favorite, but in Krakow I couldn’t help but like the Main Market Square. We walked through it multiple times a day and there was always something new to see.

It’s the center of life in Krakow, a place for people watching and pierogi eating. The energy is real and it’s always full of constant activity, even in the rain. Actually, after traveling for weeks in the sweltering heat, we welcomed the rain and cool air.

rainy krakow

Here are some observations I made while walking through Krakow’s Market Square:

krakow main market square


Neutral colours are beautiful. Krakow isn’t full of impressive architecture or must-see sights, but one of the things I loved most about the city was its simplicity. Sometimes less is more.

krakow polish protest

The Polish language can sound very harsh, especially when shouted. I witnessed several protests in Market Square and would have been way more intrigued about it had I known what they were saying.

polish peirogis

Polish food is delicious, especially pierogies. I ate them every single day I was in Krakow. I blame it on the weather and the fact that pierogies are the ultimate comfort food.

EasternEurope 2012 2 197

Krakow is family friendly and there are children (chasing pigeons) everywhere.

EasternEurope 2012 2 203

Shopping in Krakow is cheap and many of the souvenirs are handmade and of good quality. I bought a hand-painted wooden egg (pysanky) and it’s one of my favorite souvenirs.

EasternEurope 2012 2 212

Flower bouquets are sold everywhere and they really brighten up the square (and dreary weather). I wanted Luke to buy one for me but he refused and said I was being impractical.

krakow street performer

There are a lot of street musicians in Krakow. Some are quite talented, others not so much.

Krakow market square

There is much more to Krakow than Market Square, but if you’re looking for activity and want to see some of the prettiest buildings in the city it’s the place to go.

I enjoyed Krakow, but I didn’t fall in love with it. I found it interesting but there was nothing about it that pulled me in. Would I visit again? Definitely, but when I return to Poland I think I’ll visit Warsaw first.

What do you think? Have you ever visited Krakow’s Market Square? Which part of a city is your favorite?


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