High On Untersberg, Austria

I love feeling like a bird.

Looking down at the earth and seeing it presented in intricate patterns of geometric and organic shapes is bliss. A true sense of the word “big picture”. During these moments, life suddenly becomes clear and simple. My mind becomes quiet and I exist completely in the present moment.

Untersberg is all of that and more. 

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After riding the cable car up almost 4200 ft, we hiked from one peak to another, using a series of wobbly wooden steps and steep gravel pathways. It was cold and the wind was fierce but once you begin hiking, your focus becomes about the beauty surrounding you, not bodily discomfort.

A mountain, a series of mountains. The Alps!

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Being on top of a mountain is all about observation. Clouds can roll in at any moment, the change in air pressure affects our breathing and each breathe feels deliberate. It’s a true sense of awe.

As I look back and continue to blog about my summer in Europe, more and more things become clear to me. This wasn’t just a fun summer trip or an extended vacation. It was during these short 6 weeks that at the insignificant age of 24, I discovered who I want to be.

In a couple of days I will be moving out of my parents home and into an apartment the size of my current bedroom. I am ecstatic about downsizing and the process of getting rid of so much “stuff” has been easier than expected. I feel like my head is finally clear, just as it was on Unterberg, and I know the direction I want to head in more than ever.

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Salzburg is a beautiful place, Vienna too, but I think the real magic of Austria is in its mountains. Untersberg is a short bus ride from the city center and if you have more time than I did, consider hiking from the bottom, rather than taking the cable car.

Either way, Untersberg will be unforgettable.

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What do you think? Does Untersberg sound like an interesting experience? Do you find nature spiritual too?


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