A Day in Savannah, Georgia

The sun was starting to set, and I sat on a bench overlooking the harbor. A cargo ship full of imported cars could be seen in the distance, making a loud humming sound as it moved through the river. As I picked the salt water taffy out of my teeth, I saw Luke out of the corner of my eye, finally leaving the candy shop with a small bag of fudge. He joined me on the bench and we sat for a moment, talking and watching the sky change color.

We had just spent the day in Savannah, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Prior to this trip, my impressions about the state of Georgia were awful. I hate Atlanta, the beaches feel more like swamps, the peaches are nothing special, and it is just too hot and humid.

But Savannah is different.

savannah georgia

savannah waterfront

The people are friendly, the history exciting (both revolutionary and civil war), the art scene is thriving, and outwardly the city is very aesthetically pleasing.

savannah georgia

Sounds perfect right? Well, not exactly.

Savannah isn’t as perfect as the colorful homes and palm trees would have you believe. Despite the presence of SCAD (the Savannah college of art and design) and the exciting art scene, Savannah doesn’t feel like a young city. Most of the people we saw (outside of the college area) were old. Really old.

The other thing I noticed was how segregated the city was. It seemed divided into the young, college student section, the old conservative section, and the black section. I wasn’t really sure where I belonged and during the day, floated between all three.

savannah forsyth park

IMG 6576

We started the day in Forsyth park, the biggest park in the city (10 acres) full of confederate monuments and a fountain that feels more Parisian than southern. If it wasn’t for the spanish moss hanging from the trees I would never have believed that this park was in Georgia. I could have easily spent the whole day there.

IMG 6519

From there we wandered the streets and stumbled upon the Colonial Park Cemetery, a spooky graveyard where most of the victims from a 1820 yellow fever epidemic are buried.

IMG 6523

IMG 6498

IMG 6570

savannah city market

savannah chess

After walking through some residential areas, eating dinner, and visiting art galleries in the touristy City Market, we made it to the bottom of the hill and to the edge of town, River Street. We spent our evening eating taffy, walking, and enjoying the cargo ships passing by, wondering where they came from and what it would be like to work on one.

savannah waterfront

savannah river street sweets

IMG 6556

savannah harbor

savannah SCAD

Savannah is an interesting city, even if it is full of old people fighting to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant. I hope to return to Savannah soon, but next time for more than a day.

What do you think? Does Savannah sound like an interesting place to visit? What are your thoughts about the state of Georgia?

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